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Please see a below for a list of spreadsheets we offer for free! Click the link attached to download a copy of each spreadsheet. If you were after a specific spreadsheet that matched your particular scenario, then feel free to email us at and we would be happy to help you out.

This spreadsheet outlines the difference between obtaining a loan in the US or obtaining a loan in Australia. In both instances the loan will be used to purchase a property in the US. The variables to take into account mainly involve the lower interest rate in the US, and the currency exchange rate between the Australian dollar and US Dollar. When looking at this spreadsheet, you need to take into account the fact of the difficulties to obtain finance in the US, as well as minimum deposits required are much higher than they are for an Australian loan.

This spreadsheet allows you to input a budget of costs that you intend to keep to, and then by inputing your expenses over time you can compare your costs to your budget. It is useful to get a realistic view of your expenses so you can see where your money goes, so if you need to cut back you can see where to do it, and also see how much you can realistically save for the future.

This spreadsheet compares two different situations, where two individuals both want to obtain a property. One situation involves the two people acting separately and purchasing a house each. Whereas the other situation involves the two of them buying one property together and paying down the mortgage quickly, and then buying a second property and again paying it down quickly. The concept is the reduced interest paid due to the extra repayments can make the overall process cheaper.

This spreadsheet compares investing in a mining town with a side industry, verse investing in a traditional property. Looking at past property values between the mining town and a nearby city, it can indicated how inflated the mining town property is due to the mining boom. By adjusting for this inflated price and calculating a true value for the property, a realistic comparison can be calculated

This spreadsheet involves moving out of your PPOR and renting in a different location to live, and renting out your PPOR to turn it into an investment property.

This is a simple spreadsheet to input your gross income to calculate the amount of tax you will pay. It can also calculate how much in HECS/HELP debt you pay if you are still owing money there. The tax tables need to be updated to reflect the current tax structure at the time. 

This spreadsheet involves comparing mining property verse investing in a traditional property. It is similar to the above spreadsheet, however in this case, there is no side industry in the town where the mining property is located, and hence once the mining boom is complete, there is effectively no capital value left in the property, and rental income will drop dramatically.

This spreadsheet compares using an offset account for your home loan or not using an offset account. Using an offset allows you to put your total income into the loan, and then withdraw piece by piece as you need it. Whereas not using an offset account, you have to put away initial savings for the day to day expenses.

This spreadsheet compares what to do with excess money, either pay down the mortgage or invest elsewhere. The spreadsheet requires an input of what return you can obtain from investing elsewhere, so you need to make sure you can receive this return to have accurate calculations.

This spreadsheet compares three different scenarios, the first one involves purchasing a property straight away, the second involves renting for a given time and saving for a deposit and purchasing a property after a set time. And thirdly involves never purchasing a property and investing elsewhere. While not owning a property, you are renting. 

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